Case Study by Ragini Bhalla

Senior Director, Global Communications
Blancco Technology Group

Who are Blancco Technology Group

Blancco Technology Group is a leading, global provider of mobile device diagnostics and secure data erasure solutions. We help our clients’ customers test, diagnose, repair and repurpose IT devices with the most proven and certified software.


Our clientele consists of equipment manufacturers, mobile network operators, retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers and government organizations worldwide. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, United States, with a distributed workforce and customer base across the globe.


Content marketing is a critical component of how we market our business and drive thought leadership among our customers, prospects, media, analysts and industry experts. So in any given month, we could be developing a long-form research study, an infographic, multiple white papers, case studies, ebooks and webinar presentations. Each of these materials requires design elements.


Although we had been using freelance designers prior to using Design Store, the costs and lead times for those designers were typically much higher than what we’ve been able to get from Design Store. Plus, they are able to take our creative direction/brief and translate that into dynamic, multi-dimensional designs – and do so quickly and with minimal need for additional edits.


They are always thorough, very good with communicating on progress and hits deadlines that have been agreed upon by both of us. I have found them to be a great asset for us.

What Design Store has provided

While I am creative and usually have a sense of what I’m envisioning for a piece of content, I’m not a designer by profession. Design Store listen very well to what we envision and is able to translate that into the designed concept. They are very reliable on meeting deadlines and communicates if/when they have questions that need to be answered.


I know I can always count on relatively quick turnaround times too, which in the world of B2B marketing is vital, has been helpful for my team. Of course, they are charming and make it fun to work with too. 

Corporate Stationary
Print Design
Digital Design

Personal Testimonial

I’m not one to give out compliments easily or quickly. But with Design Store, I can honestly say that they make my life – and my workload – easier. Their designs are bold and dynamic; they take constructive feedback and creative direction very well; they can turn designs around relatively quickly (which is an added benefit with my constantly changing deadlines) and are delightful people to work with on a regular basis. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services.